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lisa schwartz

Director of Lifestyle, Leisure & Resorts

"The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams." - Oprah Winfrey

After enduring bitterly cold winters growing up in Montreal, Canada, Lisa Schwartz set out in search of a career in public relations that would allow her to apply her passion for building strong professional relationships and landing big wins for her clients while also getting her daily dose of natural Vitamin D year-round. Finding that dose of sunshine in Los Angeles, Lisa worked in entertainment PR as an account executive driving major film and TV brand accounts for four years before heading back to the east coast to join forces with Diamond Public Relations in Miami where she entered the travel PR realm. What was once considered simply a passion was now a job. In her time at Diamond PR, Lisa has hiked a volcano, flown on a microlight plane, hand-fed sharks, climbed New World Wonders and dangled herself over Zambia's Victoria Falls. There’s (almost) nothing she won’t do in the name of travel. When she’s not stationed in a window seat jetting off for a press trip or a media event, Lisa can be found frolicking on Miami’s beaches, perfecting her yoga practice on a paddleboard, and flaunting her collection of 50+ pairs of Cole Haan shoes.